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The Gratitude Challenge: Free seven day journal (It's finally here!)

We're really excited about our gratitude challenge, we have pooled our knowledge together and we've created a free seven day journal that we hope you will love! It's finally here, you guys!!

As a whole, social media tows the line between comparison and celebration. We wanted to take the opportunity to get back to basics and work on lifting one another up and forging real connections by practicing gratitude.

We all know life is more than instagram but, for reasons we cover in the journal, it can sometimes be easy to forget.

For one week, starting tomorrow (22nd February), use the journal. Each day asks for you to find 5 things in your daily social media feeds that make you feel grateful (try to avoid gratitude that comes from comparison, you're setting yourself up for shame-based thinking and that is no fun!), and find 5 things in your day-to-day life that makes you feel grateful. 

Tag us in your posts, tell everyone you know about it, we can't wait to see how you do! Remember to check back here where we'll publish links to resources and articles from our social enterprise blog to help you work this challenge!

Day 1: Getting Started With Your Gratitude Journal, important notes and FAQs

Day 3: The Gratitude Challenge - Getting past insecurity and shame

Day 7: You Made It, so we made you a free bonus! 


To take part in the gratitude challenge, get your free seven day gratitude journal click here. We cannot wait to practice with you!