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Nine Tea Cups X Lydia Lotus Copenhagen Instameet!!

Instagram has brought you many wondrous things; Geode cakes, magical buttercream creations and burgeouning friendships. It’s a big part of the way we all form new friendships, so during a coffee morning with Lydia from Lydia Lotus Designs we thought; why not host an instameet...together?

Copenhagen is one of our favourite cities, home to many wonderful memories, people and places. And now it’s the home of our first instameet with you; an afternoon with friends that we’ve only ever spoken to through keyboards and images. Friends that we’ve shared many an important moment with, and friends who have shared similar moments with us.

If you’re reading this, we count you as one such friend.

So why Copenhagen? It’s simple; Copenhagen is beautiful and flying to Copenhagen is cheaper than a train to London. It also gives you an excuse to take some time for you; feast on copenhagen’s architecture and it’s pastries.

Everyday life is wonderful, but a moment in the friendly unknown can help to infuse a little magic into our lives. Come join us on Saturday 21st April for an afternoon together in Copenhagen.

Why not an entire weekend of meetup?

Because your time is precious and meeting total strangers can be a daunting prospect. A whole weekend of that, feels overwhelming. Come alone, bring a friend or loved one for moral support. Wherever you are, we would love to meet you.

Will you be coming to our Nine Tea Cups x Lydia Lotus Copenhagen Instameet on Saturday 21st April 2018?

Nine Tea Cups x Lydia Lotus Copenhagen April 2018 Spring Instameet