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About Bakery

We grew up foraging for wild berries and rosehips in Scandinavian fjords, queueing to buy warming soup for the family on date palm lined streets at 4 in the morning, collecting pit cooked bread from the local bakery, eating pistachios and pumpkin seeds that we had stashed in our pockets, toasting fruit over summer beach bonfires, jumping over fires with friends and family and standing in the cold just to catch a glimpse of November’s fireworks emblazoning the night sky like fairydust, all the while clasping a mug of hot chocolate.

Food has played an important role in everything that we have ever done; it is central to our being and is our passion because of it’s inherent magic.

The way that food brings us together and unites us, if only briefly, is something that we should savour. A simple soup can give respite to homesickness, a chocolate cake can alleviate heartbreak if only for a few moments. Food is so much more than fuel and that's why we created Nine Tea Cups.

Every moment is a story waiting to be shared. So we make cakes, breads and treats that everyone can eat - After all, who wants to live in a world that excludes other because they are different?

Our work as a social enterprise is inspired by the stories that our loved ones and people we have met along the way, have shared with us, and our work in the bakery is inspired by the ways that food brings people together; the world is full of wonder, so why don't we work on making the world wonderful for everyone? Which is why, every time you buy from us you are helping to support the work we do as a social enterprise, which you can read about here