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Nine Tea Cups X Lydia Lotus Designs Copenhagen Instameet: A little bit about us (part 2)

With less than a month to go to our Copenhagen instameet, we wanted to check back in and introduce ourselves a little bit.

Lydia told you the Nine Tea Cups x Lydia Lotus Designs origin story earlier this week, which covers part 1 of this post, and we highly recommend having a read! 

Connecting on instagram is part of modern life's magic but, if you can, connecting in real life is a joy that modern life can often help us to forget. It’s a priviledge and an incredibly openhearted step. It has the power to humble and soften us. It has the power to change the course of our lives, if we let it. 

Maxine and Lydia Giggling At the Table

We first really met Lydia was at an instameet we held last year, we'd met a few times at fairs and festivals, but that afternoon was just magic. Yasmin from Sumac and Dutch came too and it was such a wonderful day that we all stayed in touch. 

Our lives aren’t always straightforward. I write this knowing that travel can wreak havoc on my body, knowing that sometimes our hurdles are real and strong enough to stop us seeing the possibilities available to us. 

So here's a little info if you too are an introvert or doubting whether this is for you: the groups are always small and full of really supportive and accepting people. We were so nervous for our first instameet; so many people cancelled last minute, one lady unfollowed us because it wasn’t on a day that suited her (and told us so), and, in the end, only 2 people showed. But it was such an amazing day that we wanted to create more magic moments to invite people to.

Come alone, come with friends, we would love for you to be a part of it.

A little bit about us

Lydia Lotus Designs x Nine Tea Cups Bakery Portrait for Spring in Copenhagen 2018

We are Hannah, Zahra and Maxine. The bakers of nine tea cups bakery, and the people behind nine tea cups support groups, fitness classes, advocacy and support work. 

Lydia is the  founder of Lydia Lotus Designs & Décor, and the jeweller and designer behind all of her creations.

We are all passionate about empowerment, sustainability and accessibility. Going to great lengths to make sure our products are as sustainable as they can be, from our base materials down to our packaging. Lydia sources flower confetti to keep her creations safe on their way to you, and we use corn based biodegradable packing chips to do the same. We price our products to make them as accessible as we can, and we are passionate about empowering others and ourselves. 

We also all love cake and sparkles.

We’ve run a number of instameets so far, with every instameet we have made lifelong friends and wonderful memories. To us, collaboration and connection are life. They open possibilities that we may never have considered, and offer us the chance to share our world’s and perspectives with others. In short; it’s magic, and we want you to be part of that.

Join us in Copenhagen on Saturday 21st April for the Nine Tea Cups x Lydia Lotus Designs Spring Instameet, and tell us a little bit about yourselves in the comments!